• AXXIS TITANIUM™ loggers are small, robust, light, easy-to-handle hand-held devices that facilitate the logging and testing of detonators.

  • These loggers can program a detonator, read from the detonator memory, test a single detonator or a group of detonators, and transfer the logged blast files to blaster boxes.

  • They operate on the Android system.

User interface

  • Colour touch screen with graphics interface
  • Buttons are provided for cold climates

Communication with detonators

  • Via an attached pod that facilitates communication with one detonator through a single detonator port, or up to 500 detonators attached to a harness line via sprung-loaded terminals

Communication with blasting boxes

  • Bluetooth or cable

Logger functions

  • Logging and programming the firing times to each detonator’s non-volatile memory or detonator testing (one at a time, or multiple detonators connected to a harness line)

Testing functions

  • Consumption, programmed / not programmed, detonator voltage, missing or intruder (extra / un-programmed) detonators


  • Robust Trimble-based Android logger


  • Yellow

Screen size

  • 13.4 cm (5.3 in)


  • Li-ion

Battery capacity

  • 6 600 mAh

Logger-pod maximum output

  • 9 V, 50 mA

Logger mass

  • 480 g (1 lb)

Number of detonators per log file

  • 500

Number of intruders that can be detected

  • 500

Conform to specification

  • SANS 1717-1: The South African National Standard for:
    The design and approval of EDD initiation systems for use in mining and civil blasting applications

Resistance to electrostatic discharge

  • Electrostatic discharge immunity test (±8 kV contact, ±15 kV air)
  • Electrical fast transient/burst immunity (±2 kV)

Calibration intervals

  • Every 2 years from previous certification 

Water resistance

  • IP 67 

Drop test

  • IEC 60068-2-32:1975 with drops from a height of 500 mm (19.7 in)